Digital Marketing Platform

1. What is Digital Marketing?

2. What channel are available for `Digital Marketing?

3.Why Digital Marketing is very important for business?

4. What is the future of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing means doing marketing of products, services, brands or something else on Internet using digital devices like laptops, mobile phones or other.There are some marketing channels. You can do it from your home.

Digital marketing channels mainly divided into two parts. Online and offline. Between this two channel online marketing channels is most popular and statistics show that 90% marketing work is being done by online channels. Online and Offline marketing channels types in given below:

1.Online Marketing Channels         2.Offline Marketing Channels

Website Marketing                            Tv Marketing

Search Enging Optimization              Sms marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising                  Billboard Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Video Marketing

These are the marketing channels. Now we have to know that “WHY DIGITAL MARKETING IS IPORTANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS?”

This is important for Improved brand awareness, Cost effective, Engage with your customers, Imporved brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, In creased traffic or other.

There are lot of Career Opportunities in Digital marketing. For example you can make yourself as an Entrepreneur and start your own business. You will be a Freelancer and work on individual projects. You can earning from online and do Professinol job or Work for a company.

Digital marketing is most  popular nowadays. Most of the company are creating their business through this process. So it can be easily say that in future all of the company work will be performed through digital marketing. Its a great opportunity for digital marketer.

Online and Offline Marketing  Channels is the part of Digital Marketing.

We can choose one for ourself or all if you want to be a digital marketer.

Through  this way we can developed our career.

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